Handmade - Cabochon Jewellery Tutorial

Handmade - Cabochon Jewellery Tutorial

How To Make Your Own Cabochon Jewellery

Using glass cabochons for jewellery making gives stunning results and is surprisingly straightforward.

Follow these instructions to achieve professional and unique results.

You will need:

1. First choose your ‘artwork.’ This can be anything from a magazine cutting, a handwritten message, a photograph, a printed monogram, a page from a book or a download design. Be aware that the process can change the colour of the design and it is wise to make a photocopy, especially if the design is precious. This way you can use a paper that works well for cabochon jewellery. A cheap photo paper works best. Good photo paper can smudge.
We used a downloadable design from our archives.
2. Place the glass cabochon over the design and decide where you want to place it. Draw around it with a pencil.
3. The next stage is to cut carefully around the outside of the pencil mark, which allows for trimming exactly after glueing.
4. Add a generous layer of ModPodge and place the cabochon on top.
5. Turn the cabachon over and, using a credit card or short ruler like a squeegee, scrape outwards from the centre of the design so that only a thin layer of glue remains.
This will remain cloudy for a couple of hours whilst it dries. Allow at least 24 hours longer to ensure it is thoroughly dry.
6. Once thoroughly dry, the design can be trimmed.
7. Turn the cabochon over and, using ModPodge, paint two or three layers to seal the design. Allow 2-3 hours drying time between each.
8. The final stage is to glue the cabochon into the bezel. Put a very very small dot of E6000 glue on the back of the cabochon, place it in the bezel and squeeze and rock the cabochon until the E6000 has had chance to spread out. If you use too much, it may bleed up the edges and any excess can be removed with a cotton bud. Too much E6000 can also seep through the graphic and cause a darkening effect. You are trying to secure the cab into the bezel so it is not necessary to have glue all over the back, just enough to keep it in place.
cabochon jewellery project
9. After another 24 hours of drying time, if you can wait that long, you should have a lovely piece of jewellery that is truly unique.